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Konso tribe shield

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Konso Tribe shield

The people Konso counts approximately 180 000 individuals and lives in a vast mountainous region on the border of Ethiopia and Kenya. Originally, Konso were warriors. Traditionally, they carry the genital stuffed on the forehead. In this way, they appropriated the virility of their dead enemies.We call it “kallacha”.

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This type of shield was used during wars or during funeral ceremonies. “The symbolic battle against death”. With little or no effect against firearms, a Konso shield went into the background as a tool of defense, but still keeps a utility during traditional ceremonies and funerals.

This ancient shield of a Konso warrior, made of leather baffle is from southern Ethiopia. The Konso is about 500 miles south of Addis Ababa.

This shield is made of a thick skin, dried on a mold that allowed it to have this shape. It is made of one piece of leather and has behind a leather handle.

  • Estimated age +/ - 50 years
  • Height 75 cm
  • Width 30 cm
  • Weight 0,73 kg
  • Depth 8 cm
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