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King Salomon Horsemen

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King Salomon Horsemen

King of Israel from 970 to 931 BC

Its wisdom and its justice made of him the wisest king and man of the Old Testament. He built the first Temple of Jerusalem. Among his wife’s, there was the majestic Queen Shebah came especially from Ethiopia with who he had a son Menelik I, the first king of Ethiopia.

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This antique statuette was sculptured in a rock stemming from the North of Ethiopia.

King Salomon is held on his horse, armed with his shield to the right and with his lance to the left. At the level of clogs before and back of the horse, we notice a head of lion in each of the extremities.

In Ethiopia, the Lion of Judas symbolizes the dynasty royal. It is also the emblem of the city of Jerusalem. When we return this statuette, we can notice inscriptions in Gu'ez, liturgical language there for the Christians but also for the Ethiopian Jews, so called "Falashas".

  • Estimated age +/- 20 years
  • Height 13,1 cm
  • Width 11 cm
  • Weight 0,4 kg
  • Depth 1,8 cm
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