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Somali headrest

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Somali Headrest

The Somalis are people of the east horn of Africa, living mainly in Somalia, but also in Ethiopia, in the Yemen, in Kenya and in Djibouti. The Somalian people consist of ethnic clans such as Dir, Hawiye, Rahanweyn and Darod. This last clan is very present in Ethiopia, in particular in the region of Ogaadeen.

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The headrests are rarely symmetrical because they allow herders to avoid falling into a deep sleep due to their instability. The herders hang it on the left or right side of their belt.

For women, the headrest can also support their neck but mostly keep their hair developed.

  • Estimated age +/ - 30 years
  • Height 20 cm
  • Width 17 cm
  • Weight 0,106 kg
  • Depth 6,5 cm
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