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Guragué headrest

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Guragué headrest

Gurague is native of the fertile region of hight plateaus in approximately 300 km in the southwest of Addis Ababa. The Gurague population is very dense on a restricted territory. Therefore, numbers of young Gurague people emigrate towards cities to earn their living. Most are trade and have the reputation to be an entrepreuner.

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This former headrest, as its name implies is used to support the head while lying on your back or side. The style is inspired by different regions and people of Ethiopia.

The headrests are rarely symmetrical because they allow herders to avoid falling into a deep sleep due to their instability. The herders hang it on the left or right side of their belt.

For women, the headrest can also support their neck but mostly keep their hair developed.

  • Estimated age +/ - 10 years
  • Height 16 cm
  • Width 16 cm
  • Weight 0,53 kg
  • Depth 10 cm
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